2004 Fleetwood Discovery

A/C System & Various Malfunctions

Brady San Antonio

7/10/2017 - Arrived to customer location, customer asked if we could troubleshoot A/C System, Speedometer Gauge, and Level Air Bags on RV. 

A/C System - Could not find High Pressure Cutoff Switch at evaporator or could not find evaporator, went to rear of pusher and see if clutch was seized, was not seized and turned smoothly. Diagnose was electrical failure. Looked up model and found DENSO was manufacture for A/C System so black box on firewall in front hood was where all components for the A/C System was located.

Speedometer Gauge - Had power to unit, gauges does not sweep so maybe this isn't a unit that test gauges with no sweeping test. For no speedometer diagnose was within Allison Transmission Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS).

Level Air Bags - Not Done Yet.

Information on Vehicle

2004 Fleetwood Discovery /  Freightliner Chassis / CAT 3126 7.2 L6 / Allison Automatic /